Feature Documentary, 73 mins, Directed by Apo W. Bazidi
Edited by Yuta Okamura

From a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border, an 8-year-old girl named Evlin characterizes the resilience of her hometown of Kobane against ISIS militants. In the midst of the tragic war in Syria, Evlin's story provides hope.

A feature-length documentary filmed during the height of war against ISIS. The audience is taken to a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border where they meet an eight-year-old girl who characterizes her community's resilience. Viewers get to learn directly from impacted families while the war rages on. The film also crosses the border into Syria where some locals have stayed behind to defend their homes. The film was shot over a 16-month period during what was considered one of the most difficult and dangerous times in Syria. The objective of the film was to provide viewers with an alternative perspective of the war. A majority of films during this period focus on the violence and rarely brought the audience up close with the impacted families and individuals.

Directed by Apo W Bazidi
Producer: Goran Zaneti
Cinematographer: Donato Bragagnolo
Editor: Yuta Okamura
Music: Gareth Coker

San Diego Film Festival 2017 - Best Documentary
San Francisco Dockets 2017 - Best Documentary
Macon Film Festival 2017 - Best Feature
Savannah Film Festival 2017 - Best Documentary
Dance With Films 2017 - Documentary Feature
Covellite International Film Festival - Best Feature Documentary
Evolution International Film Festival 2017 - Best Documentary