An inspirational tale about the lessons death can offer, WAKING UP follows a talented young artist who is forced to face the dreams he gave up on years ago.

Director: Yuta Okamura / Writer: Kimberly Hwang / Producer: Vanessa Pantley, Kimberly Hwang/ Cinematography: Kara Kieffer, Daniel Zagayer/ Editer: Nicole Deane, Anoosh Voltaire-Behi/ Sound Designer: Matthew Kaundart & Brian Lam/ Cast: Tadamori Yagi, Darren LaBorie, Jacqueline Pinol, Ken Greenwald

Winner, Best Short, Best Actor, Best Director- Asian on Film Award
Winner, Ground Breaker- Hatch Film Festival
Winner, Best Short- TSS Short Film Festival, Best Short
Winner, Best Short Film- Japan Film Festival Los Angeles
Winner, Best Cinematography- WCA Film Festival 2012
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