Amano, a recently demoted Japanese businessman, is sent off to a business trip of a lifetime. Destination: Afghanistan. By an unfortunate turn of fate, unsuspecting Amano finds himself caught in a Taliban-U.S. crossfire. His only hope is an American soldier, Rickel- the sole survivor of the ambush. With the insurgents' merciless chase under way, the unusual dyad emberks on their evasion mission for survival.
Evasion Poster, designed by Yuta Okamura
Directed by Koichi Yoda
Co-Director: Yuta Okamura
Written by Koichi Yoda & Makoto Takahashi
Produced by Koichi Yoda
Cinematographers: Apo W. Bazidi & Donato Bragagnolo
Edited by Yuta Okamura & Hiroki Kamada
Original Music by Derek Zhao
VFX Artists: Yuta Okamura & Hiroki Kamada
Yoshi Ando
Robert Kugler
Hiroko Saeki
Umair Hameed
Victor Boneva
Zafer Ulukaya
Kerem Oral
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